About Us

sonRogers Lumber & Millwork, based in Covington, Ohio, provides the expertise as well as materials for high quality building projects across the country. Our goal is to provide the finest quality of products and, in doing so, build lasting client relationships.

Marion Rogers and his son Michael truly have their “hands on” the core of their business; reuse of some of the original growth forests that covered the continent 200 years ago.

Recovering the nation’s resources can take many forms, and the knowledgeable recovery of structures built west of the Appalachian Mountains as the United States expanded across the continent is a unique facet of this important attitude toward resource recovery. The buildings that were constructed by craftsmen that followed the pioneers as they headed west, took advantage of the massive indigenous trees which were being cleared for farming, the development of what are now familiar cities and towns, and roads. Now…well over a century later, some of these magnificent timbers are becoming available for recovery and reuse.